Europa League Final Gdansk

Regretfully due to the travel and quarantine guidelines that the government has in place we have had to make the decision not to arrange travel to Gdansk on this occasion. 



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1. Paying for your arrangements
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(ii) The deposit is part payment of the arrangements and the balance must be paid before the date specified on the invoice which is normally no later than 8 weeks before the departure date. Please note if we do not receive final payment by the date specified then we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you and cancellation charges will be applicable as detailed in section 3 below.
(iii) Full payment is required for all bookings made within eight weeks of departure.

2. if you change your arrangements
If after the contract has been completed you want to change your event arrangements we will do our best to meet your requirements up to eight weeks before departure. If we can make the required alteration eg to departure airport, date or duration, there will be an administrative charge of £50 per person. Please note that changes to the holiday within 8 weeks of departure or to schedule flights will result in the cancellation of the original arrangements and charges will be applicable as detailed in section 3 below. However no charge will be made for amendments which involve solely the addition of insurance or additional arrangements if extra clients are travelling to the same event. All amendments must be notified to us in writing. Name changes made within 8 weeks of departure will also incur cancellation charges. Please note that name changes cannot be made to schedule flight bookings and will involve cancellation with 100% charges and a new reservation being made for the new person.

3. if you cancel your arrangements
If you or any member of your party have to cancel from the booking or cancel the entire booking once it has been accepted by us, written notification must be sent to us by recorded delivery post and charges will be applied from the date the letter is received according to the scale below. The charges are applied as a percentage of the entire cost excluding amendment charges event tickets and insurance premiums which are non refundable in the event of cancellation. If seats on a schedule flight are reserved for you then 100% charges will apply to the flight cost and the following scale will apply to any other arrangements we have made for you.

Period before departure date ---------------------------------------- Cancellation charge
More than 56 days ---------------------------------------------------- Deposit only

42-56 days ------------------------------------------------------------ 50%

29-42 days ------------------------------------------------------------ 75%

15-28 days ------------------------------------------------------------ 90%

14 days or less ------------------------------------------------------- 100%

IMPORTANT NOTE It is a condition of booking that you take the travel insurance we recommend or arrange insurance for your party with comparable or better cover. If you have taken out insurance you may be able to recover the cancellation charges, check your policy for details.

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a) accepting the changed arrangements
b) purchasing another trip (subject to availability) from us
c) cancelling your holiday and receiving a full refund of ail monies paid.

In addition to this we will pay you compensation in accordance with the scale below:-

Period of notification Compensation per person of change before scheduled departure date More than 56 days Nil 43-56 days £5 29-42 days £10 15-28 days £15 0-14 days £20

Cur liability is limited to offering the above choices and compensation in the event of a major change. When the major change has been made as a result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control the consequences of which could not be avoided even with all due care, as detailed in the paragraph entitled Force Majeure below, we cannot offer any compensation.

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2. If we cancel your arrangements
If we are forced to cancel your arrangements we will inform you as soon as possible. We will offer you the choice of an alternative event (if available) or a full refund of all monies paid to us in respect of your arrangements. We will not cancel your arrangements after the date specified on the final invoice for payment of the full balance unless that balance has not been paid by you or unless it is due to reasons beyond our control as detailed in the paragraph entitled 'Force Majeure' above.
If we are forced to cancel your arrangements for any reason after the date on which final payment is due then in addition to the above options we will also pay you compensation as detailed in paragraph 1 above. These compensation payments will not be paid to you if the cancellation is due to reasons beyond our control and detailed in the paragraph entitled 'Force Majeure' above.

3. Surcharges
After we have confirmed your arrangements, we will only alter the price in the event of government action, increases in transportation costs, fuel, overflying or airport taxes or to reflect fluctuations in exchange rates. If there is a surcharge payable there will be an administrative charge of £0.50p per person. In exchange for this guarantee, we will not make any refunds in the event of a favourable variation to currency rates. The rate of exchange is based on the conversion rate published in the Financial Trimes on July 1 st 1999.

Our Responsibility
1. We accept responsibility only for the acts and omissions of our own staff. We do not accept responsibility for the acts and or omissions of the suppliers (or their staff and /or sub-contractors) of the various aspects of the holiday eg the airline, the event organiser. This clause is subject to force majeure and the other terms of these booking conditions.
2. The liability of suppliers of arrangements in respect of air, sea, rail and road carriers and providers of accommodation are limited by the applicable international conventions and are subject to the company's concerned conditions which are available on request.

Your Responsibility
The flight details shown are for guidance only and are subject to change, final details including airline and aircraft type will he confirmed on your travel documentation, sent approximately 10 days prior to departure. In the case of late bookings made within 14 days of departure we will probably arrange for you to collect tickets at the airport on the day of departure. The times shown on all tickets are local times and check in for both outward and return flights is at least 2 hours prior to the departure times on the travel documents. The company can accept no responsibility for clients who arrive late for the cheek in and miss their flight as a result nor can we accept responsibility for any loss by you of your flight travel tickets, vouchers or coupons. All clients undertake to behave with propriety and in such a manner as in no way to cause or be likely to cause damage, distress, danger or annoyance to other clients, property and/or any third party. The contract of any client in breach of this clause will be terminated and neither we nor the providers of the services in question will have any further contractual obligations to you.

Should you have any complaints about any aspect of the arrangements, you must inform the relevant supplier of the service concerned and also our representative is in attendance, thus giving us the opportunity to resolve any problems immediately. If the problem cannot be resolved you must obtain a Complaint Report Form from the representative for completion. In the unlikely event that an amicable solution cannot be found, please ensure that you write to our Customer Relations Department within 28. days of your return with full and final details of any dissatisfaction.. We cannot accept any complaints received outside of this period.

Passport and Health Information
This will be provided by us for British resident passport holders. Non British passport holders and foreign residents must refer to the embassy of the country they wish to visit to establish what if any visas/inoculations they require.

Flight Delays
Airlines do not offer compensation for delays and nor can we. However our travel insurance does offer cover against flight delays that could prevent attendance at the sporting event. We recommend that you purchase this insurance policy as it is impossible to guarantee a flight will not be delayed.

Your Protection
We areretail agents for ATOL protected tour operators for your peace of mind



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Stockholm 2017

Hi Debbie and Tony,


Just a quick email on behalf of myself and my three travelling companions to say thanks for all the organisation of the Stockholm day trip last week. 


Despite the delay of the 5.45 in leaving Manchester it was a well organised trip, and a very enjoyable day. Particular thanks for the arrangements to signpost us back to the coaches from the ground after the match, and for taking care of the departures area in the airport on the way home (especially after the ground staff wrongly messaged that we'd not checked in!).





Stockholm 2017 

Croke/Paton, great trip again many thanks

Sent from my iPhone

Stockholm 2017

Thank you so much Debbie and Tony for our trip to Stockholm. What a great flight it was perfect ,lovely people on the flight. You can guarantee to see Tony waiting for everyone in the morning at the airport and last thing at night at the airport on the way back.he greets everyone and  answers any question they ask. We travelled with you to Moscow as well. I have known you guys for over 20 years and you are two of the most honest people you can meet.  My daughter loved it and you guys made a extra effort to make sure she had great seats and included my party of 5   Love you guys xx 

Chan Johal

Stockholm 2017
Tony, great trip. 

We were on the 2 nighter in Uppsala, great hotel and location. Great little town.

Well organised, no problems at all.

Cheers, Malc Bradley


Stockholm 2017

Hi Debbie

First of all thank you for a fantastically well organised and SUCCESSFUL trip this week, it was just great.

I'm wanting to book on the Super Cup 2 nighter when released, look forward to receiving the details when released on Monday?

Many thanks



  Stockholm 2017

Hi Tony and Debbie

Just want to say a quick thanks to all involved on the day trip to Stockholm. Great trip and well organised will definitely be booking on again for trips next season!


Zach and Mick 


 Stockholm 2017

Dear Debbie and Tony

Just a quick email to say a big thanks for the arrangements for the Europa cup final. As ever, everything was great ( flights, transfer information and hotel) and provided a fantastic experience for another successful night in Europe.

Have received your email re the Super Cup and all our party ( Tony Hilton, Gary Fenwick, Rick Holmes, Simon Brooksbank  and myself) would certainly be very interested in the proposed trip to Macedonia. Look forward to receiving further info in due course.

Thanks once again.



Stockholm 2017

Debbie / Tony 

Thanks for yesterday, I know it's a nightmare when it's so busy for a final, but at the end of it all you guys got us there and back safely  (and early) into Manchester and that's really important when, like me I took my son , Dan. 

Thanks guys 

Your the best 

Jez x 


Stockholm 2017

Hi Debbie / Tony

Thanks for sorting trip to Stockholm

Please keep me in touch with details for Macedonia

Thanks again

Andy van greuning


Stockholm 2017

Tony & Debbie, had to email you, we've been on a few trips with yourselves over the years, although not a regular euro away traveller.

Winning aside, what a top and well organised trip you put on yet again!!

From everyone on your trip, I only heard one lady whinge, and that was more to do with our flight (05:45) refuelling and causing a delay in the morning.

Everyone else knew it was business as usual, with everything within your control going to plan.

To see the lads set up after the game, giving clear instructions on how to get back to the coaches, yet the clubs official trip didn't have anyone out, causing many a disgruntled red.

I hope you stay in the mix, and organise other trips in the future, despite having took a back burner for a while. Your trips are always top notch, and well appreciated.




Stockholm 2017

Hi Debbie/Tony,

I just wanted to thank you for putting on a very well organised trip. 

It was great having so many stewards available, pointing us in the right direction and giving us information when required. 


Many Thanks

Pat Drury


Stockholm 2017

Hi Tony & Debbie.

I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work in arranging all your trips etc.

I appreciate its a lot of hard work.

We had a great day topped off by a great result.

Thanks again - it was appreciated.



Sent from my iPhone


Good afternoon Tony, Debbie
Me names Michael Partington, i just wanted to say thank you for spot on trip to braga which me and our Gary Partington went on with your company. It was my first proper euro away, i enjoyed every bit of it which is all down to the faultless way it was sorted, from initial booking through to the return flight, i was made up with it from start to finish.
I hope you will allow me to travel with your company again in the future.
Sincerest kind regards and many thanks
Michael Partington, Gary Partington



Thanks for a great trip, well organised as ever and good fun, just coming back after the game painful J


See you again in the knockouts



Hi Tony/Debbie,
Just wanted to say thans for a brilliant trip.
Cheers Andy and Alan



 Hi Debbie,

This is the first chance I’ve had to write since I got back

As an ex Manc living on the South Coast for the last 30 years I’ve done over 50 Euro aways and always gone independently from airports in the South. This was the first time I’d been on an organised trip and I just wanted you to know that Champion Sports handled everything superbly. Great organisation and brilliant hotel.

If I have to go from Manchester again I will definitely use your company.

Many thanks to you and Tony for a brilliant trip,





Hi Tony and debbie

Great trip to Cluj (as always) if we ever play them again make sure you do a 2 nighter at least.

Cheers Phil and Daryl



Hi Tony / Debbie

Just a quick email to pass on our thanks regarding the trip. As ever a great time had by all.

Excellent choice of hotel and without exception, the flight crew were fantastic.

Struggled to get up the hill to the stadium but thankfully it was worthwhile once I got my breath back !

Thanks again

Kind regards

Catherine, Tony and Gary




Hi Tony and Debbie,

I just thought I’d write a quick email to thank you both for a really excellent and well organised trip.

It’s the first time I’d travelled with O’Neills and I didn’t really know what to expect.  I must say that it was absolutely first class throughout  in terms of air travel, coach transfers and accommodation. 

Well done and thanks again.


Rinaldo (Reno) Peers
Operations Director



Thanks very much for the time and effort put into the kluj trip
Great day with great company and without doubt one of the funniest days out in many a year.
thanks again.
kev(east hull)



Bayern Munich
Just wanted to say thanks for putting up a great trip barring the result... really enjoyed going to the memorial and look forward to booking more trips in the future
Hi Tony & Debbie


Just a quick email to say what a good trip yesterdays day trip to Munich was (except for the result).
It was really well organised, as all of our trips have been, and we thought the visit to the Munich Air Disaster memorial was a really nice touch.
Many thanks again and let’s hope we can turn them over next Wednesday.



Simon Higgins



Hi Debbie,
Thanks for another well organised day trip to Munich. I thought taking us to the Munich memorial directly from the airport was a great idea of Tony’s and was much appreciated.
Andy Kirk



Hi Debbie and Tony . Thank you for another great trip . Dave and the



Sent from my iPhone
hi tony /debbie just wanted to say thanks for yet another stunning trip...great hotel, good food, n lotsa the babes....sean g and dave oz....hull

deb its gary taylor and brian turner,just emailing you to thank you for an excellent trip,well organised,and we will be definitely be using your company from now on. ,once again thanks deb x



Hi Debbie

Can I just say how well organised the trip was last week and service to the memorial were a lovely touch one that all of us will never forget. We were also on the last coach from the ground and have to say again. I was very impressed the way (don’t know his name) made the coach driver circle the ground picking up stragglers that another travel operator had left behind! I am sure if the boot was on the other foot they wouldn’t have wanted to know.

Lynda Ellis


AC Milan


Hi Tony & Debbie.

Just a quick email to say what a good trip (as usual) the AC Milan one was. Well organised, as always, from start to finish.



Rome 2009

Just a quick e-mail to say thank you for the fantastic trips this season, we went with you to Villarreal, Porto, Arsenal and Rome. All of these were superbly organised and we had a great time we particular enjoyed Villarreal, 3 nights in Benidorm in November can’t be bad!! Every year we book on your trips and always find them to be of a high standard so thanks again. Here’s to another enjoyable and successful season, see you next time.


Simon Ormston and Chris Kelly.



Tony / Debbie

On behalf of all the lads , we would just like to say thanks for all the trips you have organised for us this season , We know we are not the easiest bunch of lads to deal with but you always get us to where we want to go with excellent hotels and good organisation.And to top it all off , Ostia was probably one of the best trips we have been on even if the result didn't go our way.

So we will be looking forward to travelling with Champion Sports Travel next season and Thanks again for this season.




Hi Debbie a big thank you from us for a fantastic trip to Rome despite
the result and look forward to traveling with you next season ,the
free beer on the plane ,the badge and transport into rome after they
dropped us off at our great hotel were fantastic thanks again.


Ian Jackson
Brain Jackson
Matthew Jackson



Hi Debbie/ Tony.
Just a quick note to say many thanks
for all the good work you have done this season with all the
organizing of the trips, David and I have been on, with you,
they have all been fantastic, hope
too see you next season.

Best regards.

Colin & David.



Thank you to you all for the many phone calls we have received. Glad you enjoyed the trips!!
just a note to say thank you tony & debbie for our trips this year we been to rome,barca and of course moscow with you this year and found you and your staff very friendly and helpful at all times.the trips where well run and we hope to travel with you next season thanks again tony & debbie
steve & craig nutt



Hi Debbie just an e-mail to say thanks for the trip.
We had a great time. Thanks to Tony.



Just returned for Moscow.
Thanks for as good a trip as what could be expected, given the circumstances.
I thought everything 'your end' was well organised and executed.
Thanks again,



Now that we have got back home, I am writing to thank you and everybody involved at Champion Sports in arranging such a fantastic trip to see United win in Moscow!
The organisation and accommodation was excellent and we are grateful to you for all of the hard work and long hours that Tony and yourself must have put in arranging everything and keeping everybody updated. Thanks once again.
Best Wishes,
Peter & Janet Mountford



Hi Tony and Debbie
I am emailing to say what a well organised trip our 3 day excursion was to Moscow.
The lads I travelled with all agreed it was well laid on, the hotel was superb and we had a right laugh.
I know you have probably been up to your neck in it over the last few weeks, so would just like to say thanks again.

Simon Higgins (Higgo



Afternoon Debbie/Tony,

Just a quick e-mail to say thanks very much for helping to make 21st May 2008 one of the best days of my life!! Had a great trip and everything went well, I travelled with you to Kiev and Barcelona and of course Moscow, all of them have been brilliant and I look forward to booking with you again on next seasons European adventure.

Thanks again




Dear Debbie & Tony, just a quick message to let you know what a fantastic time we had in Moscow.The 2 star hotel was great, we couldnt get any nearer to the stadium! Of course it did help that we won!! Everything was really well organised by you, and once again cheers!!!



Debbie / Tony,

A big thank you to all at Champions sports for your absolutely fantastic support. Hope you have a good summer no doubt ill be in touch next season.





Its james Iveson I was one of a group of 4 that went with you on the 3 night trip to Moscow.

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you, it was superb!!!!!!!

I will recommend you to anyone that asks.



To All at Champion sports tours. Me and a friend went on the day stop from manchester to moscow. just like to say thanks for eveything you did and provided us with. It was well worth it, and id pay it all over again. just wish the russians would put some english on the metro system for the day. we got there in the end though.

Secondly, are you doing anything for the cup winners cup final in monaco as we are thinking about going with you again.

Yours sincerely Mr R Johnson and Mr R Asten.

Thank you for a memorable day.



Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to say thank you for the way you and Tony handled the organisation of the trip to Moscow and for making it such an unforgettable occasion

Best regards

Phil, Les and Thomas Prickett



Hello Champions Travel,

I just want to say a massive thank you for organising this trip we had the best few days of our lives out there and you guys contributed to that.

Look forward to travelling with you again next season, have a good summer




Received your e-mail re: Monaco.
I would also like to re-iterate the kind words of other supporters surrounding Moscow. I have nothing but praise for your excellent organisation. Tony was always at the other end of the phone, day and night. No other travel company could offer that level of service.
In fact, I've included some gushing in the new edition of my book, "Manchester United Ruined My Wife", out in August. Check out chapter "Moscow > Manchester".
Red regards
David Blatt


Now you're making me feel bad about not thanking you. It was A1. Flights were great - loved the free bar. Don't remember being kept waiting too long either end. A great end to a great season.



ps Did I leave my United Rosette in your office?

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